World Future Cities Summit
Toronto, Ontario
June 9-10 2016
MaRS Discovery District

About World future cities

The leading event for communities, value-makers and network builders. The i-CANADA New World Order is about learning from the best around the world – and becoming one of that elite circle of sustainable, thriving communities! Join industry experts, global thought leaders and your peers at the heart of smart community success for a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights.

The SUMMIT kicks off with an executive view of the largest single investment in the world today: India’s 100 Smart Cities project, by Pratap Padode, Founder and Director Smart Cities Council India.

Must-know solutions are presented at the executive level regarding:

•The future of Smart Communities, told by IBM’s global leader for information strategy
• Mobilizing community social and economic strength by creating an innovation neighbourhood
• Getting started with the ISO standards on Smart City measurement
• Transforming capabilities through Big Data and the Internet of Things
• Altering transportation costs with self-drive vehicles
• How to get the ROI from Broadband Neighbourhoods
• Using the new Rising Communities Caucus to jump-start smaller centres
• Tapping your community’s creative energies through Design Labs and innovation platforms
• Achieving rural broadband services for low-density areas
• Creating affordable Internet access
• Discovering alternative financing solutions
• Leveraging Innovation for city development
• Knowing and using the killer apps in the gigabit city

The SUMMIT includes the official launch evening of Luminato, one of North America’s preeminent arts festivals. The evening of June 9th will be the first chance for audiences to see the historic Hearn venue as it has been reimagined for the Festival. Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-Canada, has said that "Canada is the best country in the world for the creation of Smart Communities - Canada has won more "Intelligent Community" awards than any other nation. The WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT will become a "must-attend" conference on everyone's agenda."

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